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ClickSafety Training

ClickSafety, an OSHA-authorized provider, allows IMPACT partners to stay up to date on OSHA certifications and complete mandatory and optional safety courses in a timely manner. Visit for more information. For an easy to follow, step-by-step visual guide, click here.

To access training:

  1. Member logs in to the IMPACT App or SMDS Login ( Their username is their membership book number and password is the first four digits of their SSN.
    • Note: If using an iPhone or iPad - pay special attention to the Apple product notice. Using google chrome on a computer is the easiest and best method.
    • Members whose region does not have a grant in place will be denied access and redirected to the 50% discounted site.
  2. Member selects a course from the menu with no upfront charge.
  3. Member can only sign up for and take one class at a time.
  4. Member has 6 months to complete the course (Per Fed OSHA).
  5. Member will receive reminders of non-completion once per week for 4 weeks, then once monthly for the remainder of the 180 days reminding them the course is not completed.
  6. Member can only fail a module 3 times before they are locked out of the course (Per Fed OSHA).
  7. If a member fails or does not complete training within 6 months, they are suspended from the program for an amount of time determined by the individual RAB. Check with your regional director to determine the time frame.
    • Member can be reinstated in the program if they submit proof of completion of the failed or incomplete course at their own expense. This is not reimbursable by the grant.
  8. Upon completion a course completion certificate will be available as a downloadable PDF on member’s SMDS report card.
  9. Completion certificate and record of the training can be uploaded into the member’s record in IWATS by their apprentice coordinator.
  10. OSHA hard cards will be sent to the member’s local to be scanned into the Members IWATS record, then given to the member.
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Member Sign-In

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