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Just wanted to say that Mark, Michael and Stuart from FMI and Trevor from PWC did an excellent job engaging the classroom in discussion each day, and had a great program format for teaching. The information they brought forward was extremely useful now as I'm sure it will be throughout my career. This was only my 2nd IMPACT course that I have attended, I would like to commend IMPACT on organizing these events for Ironworkers and contractors alike, IMPACT always put on an amazing program, and does a very good job at making these events comfortable and welcoming to attend. I plan to attend more IMPACT events as the information is always very useful and IMPACT does a great job of finding the right instructors for the occasion. I would like to thank everyone at IMPACT for the work they do to set these events up and providing the opportunity to attend these courses.


Jacob Wicks
Chief Estimator
JCT Metals Inc.

Project of the Year Program

Submissions begin October 1st and end December 31st at midnight. We wish every one of our signatory contractors the best of luck in their category!

To Nominate A Project... Click Below:

Project of the Year Nomination Form 
to start a new Nomination
After Pause Continue My Submissions to review or resume an earlier Nomination

Project of the Year Award:
Recognizes contractors who achieve outstanding SAFETY performance. Contractors and their Ironworkers complete countless, complex projects throughout the United States and Canada each year and truly deserve to be recognized nationally for their amazing efforts and dedication to SAFETY awareness. The Project of the Year Awards ceremony is presented at the annual North American Iron Workers / IMPACT Conference and hosted by IMPACT's CEO, Kevin Hilton. Once presented with their category award, the winners are given a photo session with both IW General President and IMPACT Co-Chair Eric Dean and Ben Hur Construction's CEO and IMPACT Co-Chair Bill Brown.

The Project of the Year has SIX categories to choose from:


(Above 5,000 work-hours)
(Below 5,000 work-hours)

(Above 10,000 work-hours)
(Below 10,000 work-hours)

(Any hours)

Industrial/Rigging/Machinery Moving
(Above 5,000 work-hours)
(Below 5,000 work-hours)

Metal Building
(Below 1,000 work-hours)
(Above 1,000 work-hours)

(Above 5,000 work-hours)
(Below 5,000 work-hours)

1. Log In to IMPACT Community
2. Click on Member Programs Tab
3. Click on Contractors Subtab
4. Click on Project of the Year Program Link
5. Click on Project of the Year Nomination Form

1. Log in to IMPACT Community
2. Click on Member Programs Tab
3. Click on Contractors Subtab
4. Click on Project of the Year Program Link
5. To Start a New Form: click on the link Project of the Year Nomination Form link
6. Every page has a Pause button at the Bottom Left
7. To Pause: Click Pause
8. Enter the Pause Reason: For example – Lunch Time
9. Press Ok
Your Nomination Form is Saved or Paused.

1. Log in to IMPACT Community
2. To Restart your Nomination Form: under Project of the Year Program click on Review My Submissions
3. Scroll Down: You should see the Paused Flows
4. Click on Resume
5. Project of the Year Nomination Wizard will Open
6. If you have to Pause Again – Scroll down and Press the Pause Button
7. Enter the Pause Reason
8. Press Ok
9. Refresh your screen

Make sure to not Press the X. It will delete the Nomination Form and you'll have to start over from scratch.

Projects need to have been completed within the calendar year Jan 1 - Dec 31. Last entry is by midnight December 31st and can be submitted by any staffer of an IMPACT member contractor.

Joe_Matos_75_75_cy_c_t_100For more information about this program contact
Joseph Matos
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