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“I think that anyone who attended this conference would have to admit that very honest, and straightforward labor-management dialogue was the driving theme of the conference… And in times such as these, that is exactly what people are looking for in their leaders. What the Ironworkers have clearly set forth is that “activities” should not be mistaken for “results”. The more labor (and management) leaders who embrace this approach, the more market share will directly result.”

Mark Breslin
Breslin Strategies Inc
San Ramon, CA

IMPACT Contractor Development Courses July 14 - 17, 2014


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On July 14-15, 2014 a 16-hour 2 day course will be held that will showcase how to provide project leadership and management based on FMI’s Project Leader Model. The difference between Project Witnesses and Project Leaders and how contractors can foster these behaviors within their Project Managers to build best-in-class performance.

You will learn:

  •  Collaborative negotiating
  •  How to identify and track project key performance indicators
  •  How to improve communication skills
  •  How to become a better leader through mentoring, coaching and performance management
  •  Building and creating powerful project teams
  •  Planning projects to maximize profits
  •  Customer satisfaction
  •  Understanding financial controls to enhance performance
  •  Developing profitable long-term customer relationships

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On July 14-15, 2014 a 16-hour 2 day course will be held to develop the estimating and bidding skills of both entry-level cost estimators and future cost estimators. They’ll learn the fundamentals of performing a quantity take-off for structural steel, reinforcing steel, ornamental iron, and miscellaneous metals.

Participants will learn how to:

  •  Price materials, equipment, labor, overhead, and profit
  •  How to assemble, finalize and submit a bid
  •  Use OnCenter’s On-Screen Takeoff software
  •  Real-time pricing of bid items using RS Means Online
  •  Prepare bids that will win work for your company.

Participants will be expected to bring portable computers with MS Excel installed so that the attendees can participate in the hands-on mock-bid workshop.

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On July 16-17, 2014 a 16-hour 2 day course will be provided for Site Supervisors and Project Managers. Providing an introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its many uses for site and project management.

Participants will learn how to:

  •  Open a BIM model and navigate through the information provided in the model, including information provided by the architect, engineer, and owner.
  •  Extract reports for estimating
  •  Verify anchor bolt layouts
  •  Plan locations of site equipment and facilities
  •  Review planned erection sequences
  •  Identify safety issues
  •  Submit requests for information or change orders
  •  Coordinate among disciplines
  •  Resolve installation conflicts before, during, and after construction begins

The course will be conducted in a computer lab, and participants will receive hands-on training in AutoDesk’s Revit and Navisworks softwares.

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July 16, 2014 will be dedicated to an 8-hour course (one full-day) focusing on the influence of field management personnel on job profits. Field supervisors must know exactly how their efforts affect company profits and why profits are so important.

The Job Profits Program will teach your field managers:

  •  Why profits are important
  •  How lean profits are in the construction industry
  •  What specific steps field managers can take to improve profits

This is a key opportunity for field personnel to hear a very important message — that “they are critical to the bottom line of the business.” “The company’s success is their success.”  This workshop will reinforce the impact of the field manager’s decision-making on job profits by identifying:

  •  The role of a foreman and superintendent in managing job profits
  •  How to become a low-cost producer by working smarter
  •  How to identify weaknesses in your company’s current field management practices
  •  How contractors keep score and measure profits
  •  How small changes in productivity create large changes in your bottom line
  •  The 11 habits of a highly productive field manager

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July 17, 2014 will be dedicated to an 8-hour course (one full-day) that will focus on the essential topic of how to get paid for work that has been completed. In our current economic environment, contractors work tirelessly to get ahead of the curve. Clients’ expectations are high, margins are thin and competition is fierce. Every effort is taken to ensure integrity of schedule, budget, safety and quality. Learn some of the proven approaches that will make you more proactive in dealing with your customers on credit and collection practices and avoid issues related to collecting all of your receivables. Key subjects for this program include:

  •  The fundamentals of cash flow
  •  Understanding contract language to successfully collect on retentions and change orders as early as possible
  •  Closing out the project and getting paid

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