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The off the Job accident program has been a God's send for our injured members and helps them from digging a financial hole. There is a process  of educating the members, following up with the paperwork to the Trust Fund, insuring the member is paid. This extra time is on behalf of the Business Manager but it is worth it.

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Women Ironworkers Will Get Six Months Of Paid Maternity Leave


Jason Cohn / Reuters

By Cora Lewis, BuzzFeed News Reporter

The membership of the 130,000-strong Ironworkers union is an overwhelmingly male crowd, but the approximately 2,100 women members just won a benefit that would be prized by working women across the country: Six months of paid maternity leave.

The leave, designed to be taken prior to delivery, complements six to eight weeks of post-delivery leave.

"The challenges of physical work associated with the ironworking trade create unique health challenges that can jeopardize a pregnancy," the union said in a statement announcing the benefit, noting that paid maternity leave "is virtually unheard of in the building trades."

The numbers put maternity leave for iron-working women on par with corporate employees at tech companies like Etsy, Adobe, Spotify and Cisco. Netflix and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are among the only companies that offer workers more paid parental leave, according to data gathered by Care@Work, which specializes in family benefits.

Bill Brown, CEO of Ben Hur Construction Co., called the benefit "an investment, because we want our well-trained ironworker women to come back to work."

Using back-of-the-envelope calculations, Brown estimated that training a new ironworker costs $32,000 over the course of a four-year apprenticeship, during which time the workers are also paid regular salaries.

"So when you add payroll to 32K a year, and you lose a woman worker, you're out more than 32K," he said. "Then you have to train another person to take their place, so it's a 64K proposition if you lose one female apprentice.

"To protect our investment, if we wanted women to stay in our industry, we had to do something."

Brown acts as co-chair of the Iron Workers labor-management working group, which came up with the plan for six months of paid leave along with Iron Workers General President Eric Dean.

Dean said he believes the benefit is the first of its kind in the building industry, but that he hopes it will be a model for others. The working group began talking about maternity benefits when looking into why such a high number of women were leaving the workforce for other professions.

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