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Expanding Job Opportunities for Ironworkers and their Contractors

Just wanted to say that Mark, Michael and Stuart from FMI and Trevor from PWC did an excellent job engaging the classroom in discussion each day, and had a great program format for teaching. The information they brought forward was extremely useful now as I'm sure it will be throughout my career. This was only my 2nd IMPACT course that I have attended, I would like to commend IMPACT on organizing these events for Ironworkers and contractors alike, IMPACT always put on an amazing program, and does a very good job at making these events comfortable and welcoming to attend. I plan to attend more IMPACT events as the information is always very useful and IMPACT does a great job of finding the right instructors for the occasion. I would like to thank everyone at IMPACT for the work they do to set these events up and providing the opportunity to attend these courses.


Jacob Wicks
Chief Estimator
JCT Metals Inc.

Where Does My IMPACT Money Go? (Canada)

The Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT) was founded in 2003 with one core mission:  More Jobs! More Ironworkers! More Contractors! More Customers!  Do you know that your IMPACT contributions fund...


  • Development of Canadian-specific programs
  • The entire budget of the National Ironworkers and Employers Apprenticeship Training and Journeyman Upgrading Fund (NIEATJUF)
  • Development of all training materials
  • Training materials are developed jointly with Canadian representatives participating throughout the process of updating manuals and creating new training materials
  • The Annual Ironworkers Instructor Training Program
  • The International Apprenticeship Competition
  • Reciprocal CWB/AWS Development Agreement
  • The Ironworker Wind Turbine Training Program available to all local unions and our contractors
  • The development of Green Construction for Ironworkers training materials
  • The purchase of Mobile Training Trailers across North America
  • Access to Training Reference materials for contributing contractors
  • The Distance Learning Prototype for Training Programs
  • Marketing and training programs for the Shop Department that help our signatory shops stay competitive and grow the number of signatory shops
  • Programs of the Department of Reinforcing Steel (partial funding)
  • The Ironworker Safety & Health Department
  • Dozens of new welding fume extraction systems and welding booths in Local Union Training Facilities
  • The IMPACT Safety & Health Roundtable, which brings all the major organizations in the Ironworking trade together to address the major safety and health issues in our industry

RAB Funding

  • DID YOU KNOW: 20% of all contributions go back to your local IMPACT Regional Advisory Board to help fund existing labor-management programs and develop new programs to grow market share and get more work

Leadership Training

  • The development of the Ironworker Foreman Training Program and the Ironworker Foreman Pocket Guide
  • The development of the new Ironworker General Foreman-Superintendent Training Package and Online Course
  • The development of a Leadership Seminar for labor and management
  • Development of the Annual Business Manager Leadership Course
  • The IMPACT Mentoring Program
  • Shop Supervisor Courses


  • Courses for Contractors conducted at Annual Ironworker Instructor Conference, the Iron Workers/IMPACT Labor-Management Conference and other location across North America

Lobbying/Getting More Work

  • Major infrastructure lobbying efforts around the country to get more work for Ironworkers and our employers

Marketing/Member Engagement

  • Development of “Entering the Circle of Trust: Marketing Skills for Ironworkers” to retain our existing contractors and grow our contractor base
  • Millions of dollars in local and regional marketing efforts and advertising in industry publications
  • A website program to help local union and contractors establish or upgrade their websites at no charge
  • A comprehensive social media campaign to tell the story of the union Ironworking industry
  • Distribution of the Ironworker magazine to all contributing contractors/owners
  • Project tracking systems to assist local unions and our employers to identify new construction and maintenance projects and to capture more work
  • Membership Engagement – IMPACT Industry Events
  • Displays to promote the industry at conferences and conventions
  • Displays for local unions for industry promotion and recruitment
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